multi-sensory journeys for
collective transformation

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360° sound, light, touch, scent + More

Sensory Playground

Deep Play opens up the world of real-time, 360° immersions to new audiences, including for retreat experiences, yoga classes, ecstatic dance, immersive theater and more!

Immersive media and Journeys

Co-Created Live

We have expert-level content for any genre of experience. We can catalyze shared meditation, flow, accelerated learning, connection, healing, movement, and more states! 

Facilitators, performers + guides

Perform with Dimensions

We amplify artists, healers, teaches, and creators by making it easy to make ones gift into a 360° multi-sensory experience. Anyone can learn to use and control Deep Play!

Immerse off-Grid!

Play Anywhere

Deep Play runs entirely off batteries! Choose remote destinations for where you'd like to meet for a 360° immersion. From mountain tops to deep in the jungle, induce meditative, flow and ecstatic states in the locations you want.

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